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This selection of my freelance travel articles, most previously published in travel magazines and travel sections of American newspapers, is testament to the combined joys of writing and travel. Subjects range through Europe, the Middle East, Africa, Asia, the South Pacific, the Caribbean, the United States, and Latin America. I'll add more articles from time to time. Come back often.

Caveat: Some of the data in the articles may not be current, especially prices and contact information. Always check before relying on the data.  


The Jungfrau Region (Switzerland)
England's East Anglia
Walking in the Austrian Alps
Orvieto (Italy)
Oradour-sur-Glane: Remember (France)
The Wye Valley (England)
Highclere to Bignor (England)
Madeira: Europe on a Small Island
Drive right (on the left!) (England)
The Upper Black Forest (Germany)
Breakfast in the Chateau (France)
The Gte de France (France)
Aigues-Mortes (France)
Saying Goodbye to Venice (Italy)
The "Other" Preparation for Europe
Russia: A New Look
Three Days in Kent (England)
Holland Bike and Boat (Netherlands)
Turkey and the Turquoise Coast
France and England 2005

Mediterranean Spring (Croatia and northern Italy)


Latin America

Surprising Baja (Mexico)
Puerto Vallarta on a Budget (Mexico)
Exploring Amazonia (Brazil)
San Miguel de Allende (Mexico)
Peru and Ecuador
Costa Rica, Belize and Tikal (CR, Belize, Guatemala)


Puerto Rico En Route
Windjamming in the Caribbean


Tanzania Wildlife Safari
Madeira: Europe on a Small Island

Middle East

Archaeological Excavations at Tel Dor (Israel)
Turkey and the Turquoise Coast


          Beijing (China)
          Japan in Autumn
          World Heritage Sites of Southeast Asia


United States

The Sawtooth-Stanley Basin (Idaho)
On the Trail of Lewis and Clark (Oregon)
Sitka to Ketchikan: An Eco-Adventure (Alaska)
A Canyon in the Texas Panhandle?
The Huntington (California)
Kauai: North of Lihue (Hawaii)
California's Russian Connection
Crater Lake (Oregon)
Charleston and Savannah (South Carolina and Georgia)
Santa F for Book Lovers
(New Mexico)


I'll add other articles from time to time. Please come back. Questions or comments? Write to me, and see my home page.

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